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My Football Stuffs..

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I have 5 boots for myself, and 1 boot for my younger brother.Each of them,has different kind of colors and types.I love them very much.I bought them with my own effort and a little help from my parent, hehe =D.

List of boot :

Adidas +Predator Absolion TRX FG (Black,White, Red)

Adidas +Predator Absolion TRX FG (Black,White, Orange)

Beckham +Predator Absolute TRX FG (Aqua Metallic)

4.Adidas Predator TRX Dragon SG (Silver,White)

5.Adidas A3 Predator Absolute HG (Blue Metallic,White,Red)

6.NikeMercurial Vapor III FG (White,black,Metallic silver)
(Brother's boot)

Latest ...

Name of the latest boot :

1.Adidas Beckham +Predator Absolute TRX FG (Aqua Metallic)

2.Nike Mercurial Vapor III FG (White,black,Metallic silver)
(Brother's boot)

Tribute To C.Ronaldo ...

Title : Cristiano Ronaldo - The best player ever !

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